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CDHBF has decided to expand its reach across the HUNTER to fill a gap for those people wanting a locally based Health Insurance Fund.

As part of the plan to offer our services, we will be trading as Hunter Health Insurance to recognise the wider area influence. The Cessnock District Health Benefits Fund continues as the principal organisation for members.


Cessnock District Health Benefits Fund (CDH Benefits Fund) has operated for over 60 years, providing singles and families with cost-effective health cover. We have a wide range of Contracted Hospital throughout Australia.

CDH Benefits Fund has always aimed at providing quality health cover at the lowest contribution rates possible. You’ll find that a comparison between our rates and services and those of other private health funds clearly demonstrates that CDH Benefits Fund delivers on both price and services.


We have a shop front to service members face to face or deal over the phone at 151-153 Vincent St Cessnock NSW.

Our objective is to save you money on private health insurance and we do everything in our power to achieve this. So if you’re currently with another health fund and are not happy with the price you’re paying or the services you’re receiving, why not give us a call today or download our Membership Application Form, complete the details and mail to us at PO Box 183 Cessnock NSW 2325 or fax 02 4991 2155 or email to


We know that finding the right health cover can be an exhausting and confusing process. Therefore, CDH Benefits Fund has made things very simple by offering limited range but comprehensive types of health cover.

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