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HHI has expanded its reach for people wanting a locally based Health Insurance Fund.


    • There are many great things going on here at HHI including a refresh of our Brand.
    • This transition will culminate with a brand new, simpler to use website by the end of 2021.
    • In the meantime, you may notice the use of our old logo or our new logo at different times.
    • Don’t worry – there’s only one Hunter Health Insurance and if you see either of these two logos you know it is us.

*Due to Covid-19 Restrictions for the Hunter Valley.

This Office will Re Open to Members on the 1st of November 2021. Phones and email will be monitored. 02 4990 1385 or email Claims can be placed in our mail boxes located next to the front doors.
*Annual Tax Statements are no longer sent to Members the information is sent directly to the ATO. This information is available to your tax agents or automatically populated when processing your tax online.

Hunter health Insurance (HHI) has operated for over 60 years, providing singles and families with cost-effective health cover. We have a wide range of Contracted Hospital throughout Australia.

HHI Benefits Fund has always aimed at providing quality health cover at the lowest contribution rates possible. You’ll find that a comparison between our rates and services and those of other private health funds clearly demonstrates that HHI Benefits Fund delivers on both price and services.

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Hunter Health Insurance has been providing health cover to its members since 1952.

Contracted Hospitals

At HHI we work with many different Hospitals across all the states of Australia


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