About Us

Hunter Health Insurance has been providing health cover to its members since 1952.

Hunter Health Insurance

The Fund was established as Cessnock District Health Benefits Fund in 1952 to accommodate the booming coal mining industry and providing an affordable coverage for all of its members.

Today HHI continues to provide a comprehensive coverage for the coal mining industry as well as the wider community. HHI is focused on providing benefits that only a regional not for profit fund can provide through excellent service, competitive rates and a comprehensive range of benefits.

As a result we have expanded and now have members in every state of Australia.

Our office is at 151 – 153 Vincent Street, Cessnock and HHI is a Registered Health Benefits organisation.

Our aim is to provide the highest possible coverage at the lowest possible rate.

As a Not For Profit regional fund HHI goal is providing our members will excellent service, coverage at the best possible price.
HHI understands that health insurance can be a complex and confusing subject for many people.

With our focus on service we ensure that members are provided with the peace of mind they need to fully understand their policy. Accordingly we provide a choice of policies that are as simple as possible yet provide the coverage our Members need.

The peace of mind that comes from private health insurance is to provide our members with options and choices not available with Medicare and that is a choice of who treats you and when?

Security comes from your choice of Doctor and treatment time

HHI provides peace of mind that when you need help, we will be there. This allows you the peace of mind to concentrate on the important things in life.