Ambulance Cover

Cover available on a 6 months or 12 months only basis.

Please contact fund for rates.

Quite a number of people believe they don’t have to pay for ambulance services. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Ambulance is not a free service

A trip in an ambulance can cost large amounts of money, possibly thousands of dollars.

Can you afford not to have coverage for a costly service?

Ambulance Only Cover

Medicare does not cover for the cost of ambulance transportation which every year thousands of Australians need for emergency treatment. If you’re into the outdoors, enjoy sports or just want to be covered for those unexpected accidents then this is the cover for you. Ambulance Only cover will give you the peace of mind to know you will avoid potentially thousands of dollars worth of ambulance bills.

If a contributor receives an emergency ambulance service and is not otherwise covered for the service then a benefit will be a 100% of recognised medical emergency transportation costs anywhere in Australia.

With HHI Ambulance only cover, benefit is only paid where the service is provided by a State Government Service or an organisation recognised by HHI. That includes the cost of emergency or ambulance service that is also contracted to a States Ambulance services.

Who is covered?

Family Cover entitles benefits to the person whose names appear on the HHI Ambulance Cover membership, their spouse or co-habiting partner, and the children or dependents under 21 years, or under 25 years if they are a full time student.

Single cover entitles benefits to the person whose name appears on the Ambulance Cover membership.

When do benefits commence?

For accident or emergency cases, Ambulance Cover commences immediately.

A seven (7) day waiting period applies before a member becomes entitled to benefits. Persons transferring from another health insurers ambulance cover or changes in membership (e.g. single to family) receive immediate cover.

What is covered?

Services provided by State Government ambulance transport scheme or their contracted service providers in the following circumstances

  • All services must be medically justified.
  • Where it is medically necessary to be admitted to hospital.
  • Emergency call out to your home even if you are not subsequently admitted to hospital.

What is NOT covered?

HHI Ambulance cover does not provide benefits when

  • Ambulance transport involving patient movement between hospitals (Patient Transport).
  • Transport to and from hospital when it is not medically necessary and alternative transport is available eg taxi, motor vehicle.
  • Transport to places including outpatient departments, day centre when the services are not deemed necessary by a medical practitioner.

Points to Note

  • Ambulance services are funded differently in some states.
  • In NSW and ACT, cover is provided through an ambulance levy which is included in some hospital premiums. Nevertheless, cover under this scheme does not cover all Australian states. In this regard, check out our HHI Fund Office regarding coverage.
  • As well, some people who receive a Government pension or social security entitlement may also be covered for ambulance services.
  • The Federal Government rebate on private health insurance also applies to ambulance cover.

The Federal Government rebate on Private Health Insurance is available to all Private Health Fund members eligible for Medicare. We recommend you register to participate in the Federal Government Rebate scheme if eligible. Higher rebates are also available to contributors depending on their age. Members who are over the age of 30 and not held continuous hospital cover since the 1 July 2000 are liable to pay an additional 2% loading for each year cover is not held under the Federal Government Lifetime Health Cover initiative.