Closed Products

Closed products for existing members


Clinical category is covered on an unrestricted basis, providing cover as a private patient in a public or private hospital
Restricted benefit that provides partial cover for hospital costs as a private patient in a public hospital. You may incur significant out of pocket expenses in a private room or private hospital. Members should check with Hunter Health Insurance for details.
No coverage for these clinical categories for that product


Hospital Cover

Gold / Top

This product is the Gold Hospital that is now closed, it was also previously named Top Hospital which was grandfathered in 2016. This Product is no longer for sale to new members and is not available as an upgrade. If you are an existing member you can remain on this product.

This cover includes -

  • Brain and nervous system i
  • Eyes (not cataracts) i
  • Ear, nose and throat i
  • Tonsils, adenoids and grommets i
  • Bone, joint and muscles i
  • Joint reconstructions i
  • Kidney and bladder i
  • Male reproductive system i
  • Digestive system i
  • Hernia and appendix i
  • Gastrointestinal endoscopy i
  • Gynaecology i
  • Miscarriage and termination of pregnancy i
  • Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and immunotherapy for cancer i
  • Skin i
  • Breast surgery (medically necessary) i
  • Diabetes management (excluding insulin pumps) i
  • Heart and vascular system i
  • Lung and chest i
  • Blood i
  • Back, neck and spine i
  • Plastic reconstructive surgery (medically necessary) i
  • Dental surgery i
  • Podiatric surgery (provided by a registered podiatric surgeon) i
  • Implantation of hearing devices i
  • Rehabilitation i
  • Hospital psychiatric services i
  • Palliative Care i
  • Cataracts i
  • Joint replacements i
  • Dialysis for chronic kidney failure i
  • Pregnancy and birth i
  • Assisted reproductive services i
  • Weight loss surgery i
  • Insulin pumps i
  • Pain management i
  • Pain management with device i
  • Sleep studies i

Extras cover

Supplementary Extras

This product was originally called Supplementary which was combined with the Top Hospital component (Now Closed). Together it was called Top Hospital and Supplementary. This Product is now sold under the current name of Optimum Extras. The benefits are still the same regardless of the name change.


Benefits include -


  • Periodical oral examination i
  • Scale and clean i
  • Fluoride Treatment i
  • Surgical tooth extraction i
  • Direct fillings 1-3 surfaces posterior i
  • Indirect fillings 1-4 surfaces metallic i
  • Root canals i
  • Crowns and Bridges i
  • Dentures i
  • Orthodontics i


  • Frame and Lens – single vision i
  • Frame and Lens – Multi-focal i
  • Contact Lens (dependant on type) i

Non-PBS Pharmaceuticals

  • Per eligible script i


  • Physiotherapy i
  • Chiropractic i
  • Podiatry i
  • Psychology i
  • Acupuncture i
  • Remedial Massage i

Hearing Aids

  • One appliance and services i

Artificial Aids

  • One appliance and services i

Health Management

  • Weight Management, First Aid, Stop smoking, etc i