Donna Worth Personal Training

Donna Worth Personal Training

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All Fitness Levels Welcome

Donna Worth Personal training is a specialised personal training service located in Rutherford, NSW. No matter your goals, Donna offers a range of programs that not only meet your health and fitness needs but nourishes your wellbeing and assists you in achieving your desired experience.

Donna Worth Personal Training adopts a holistic approach to fitness. By not only coaching you on your physical fitness and wellbeing but also utilising nutritional and mental coaching also to enhance your fitness. Donna offers multiple programs and memberships that are easily appliable to your schedule and needs. She tailors her programmes to be based off your individual needs and goals no matter how experienced or fit you are.

By embracing flexible and a personable and hands-on approach, Donna Worth Personal Training creates the perfect environment to cultivate your health, fitness and wellbeing.

Donna Worth Personal Training

Address: 156 Regiment Rd, Rutherford NSW 2320
Hours: Monday 7am–8pm

Tuesday 7am–8pm

Wednesday 7am–8pm

Thursday 7am–8pm

Friday 7am–8pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday 4–7pm

Phone: 0403 123 180

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over a year ago

“Donna the Trainer is the best, you will never find anyone else quite like her”