Optimum Extras

Optimum extras provides benefits for those services which generally do not attract a benefit under Medicare.

*Note: Extras Cover by itself does not include any cover for hospital treatment. It can be taken as a combined product with either of our hospital covers. (ie: Elite, Optimum, Bronze,Thrifty Hospital Covers).

It may be beneficial to incorporate one of our hospital covers to avoid paying the Medicare levy surcharge.

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Some of the Benefits include

Service Item Limit Benefit
Dental General Periodic oral exam Nil 30
Dental General Scale & Clean Nil 50
Dental General Fluoride Treat Nil 25
Dental General Surgical tooth extract Nil 70
Major full Crown 700 500
Endodontic Fill one root canal 90
Orthodontic Braces / Retainer 400 1800 Life Time 1800
Optical Single & Frames Overall Optical Limit 240 180
Optical Multi & Frames 240 240
Non PBS Pharm Per Script 700 70
Physiotherapy init Overall Physiotherapy Limit 700 40
Physiotherapy sub 36
Chiropractic init 26
Chiropractic sub 22
Podiatry init 25
Podiatry sub 22
Psychology init 38
Psychology sub 38
Acupuncture init Overall Limit All therapies 400 35
Acupuncture sub 35
Remedial Massage init 20
Remedial Massage sub 20
Hearing Aids per hearing aid 750 500
Blood Glucose Monitors Per Monitor 400xly 75%
Ambulance Emergency provide this product is taken with a Hospital Cover