My family has been with Hunter Health insurance since the beginning & the amount of support given to my parents over the years has been first rate. We’ve never had any issues or problems.

Dealing with Hunter Health Insurance is quick and easy, being able to talk in person, either face to face or over the phone, fills me with confidence. They are always available for any questions, and making claims is simple and straight forward.

I like the fact that Hunter Health Insurance is not for profit, and community minded. In comparison to other health funds, I definitely believe Hunter Health Insurance to be the best value in both member contributions and benefit claims.


My husband and I are in our 30’s and shopped around for the best health cover we could find. And given that we have a newborn baby, health cover for the family was more important than ever.

We are delighted with CDH Health Insurance. Their contribution rates are very reasonable and their service and benefits are reliable.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Tracey Lewis

My husband and I have been members for many years and would be happy to recommend CDH Health Insurance to anyone. Everything is just so easy with them.

My husband, Maxwell, was hospitalised in Lake Macquarie Hospital and we never saw a bill!
CDH Health Insurance looked after paying for everything, promptly and efficiently.

We were previously with another health fund and now we enjoy the same cover for 20% less contributions!

Doesn’t get much better than that.

Shirley Roser

I believe CDH Health Insurance is a marvellous fund. I was in hospital recently for a hip replacement and it didn’t cost me a penny – CDH Health Insurance paid every bill very quickly.

Joy Stevenson

My husband and I have recommended CDH Health Insurance to family and friends for years. We are in the Top Hospital (Now know as GOLD Hospital) cover and when my husband spent some time in Lake Macquarie Private Hospital, the $23,000 bill was immediately paid by CDHBF without fuss.

Gwen Macdonald

We are very happy with CDH Health Insurance and wouldn’t dream of going to another health fund.

They’re friendly and their contribution rates are very competitive.

Trevor & Norma Blissett