Top Hospital & Supplementary (now closed)

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Combination Cover

Combination cover offers combined Top hospital and supplementary (Extras) benefits. These are designed to cover medical treatment, hospitalisation and for those ancillary services that Medicare usually does not cover.

Combined Top Hospital & Extras
(no excess)

(Standard Infomation Statement)

Choose either a lower premium with an Excess Option

Excess Cover (Options)

Top Hospital & Extras (Excess Options)

Standard Informtion Statement (excess 1) or (excess 2)

HHI allows you to choose Top Hospital + Extras cover with either Option (1) $250 excess OR Option (2) $500 excess. This will reduce your premium dependent upon which Option you chose. The Excess Covers are exactly the same as the Top Hospital covers BUT you pay and excess before admission to hospital, the amount of times the excess is paid, is once per single cover and twice per family or couples cover (based on a financial year), CHILD DEPENDENTS DO NOT pay any excess. You can also choose not to have an excess. (If you need further details please contact us)

Other Health Cover Options

Hospital Only Cover

(Standard Information Statement)

Choose between Top Hospital Cover Only which is our highest level of cover and provides for accommodation and extensive range of services in both public and private hospitals. Top Cover is a comprehensive cover which represents total peace of mind. You can also choose and excess option.

Ambulance Cover

Medicare does not cover for the cost of ambulance transportation. For NSW residents ambulance cover is a component factored into hospital covers. Interstate members check with us to arrange coverage or should check with ambulance schemes in their home state.

Pensioners (in NSW) are exempt from paying the ambulance levy and have cover provided under their pensioner entitlements, other state Pensioners should check with their respective State Ambulance Service to determine if they are covered, if not contact us to arrange for additional ambulance cover.

Important Notes

Waiting Periods

Waiting periods may apply for new and transferring members and for current members who are upgrading their cover.

The maximum waiting periods the Fund imposes are:

  • 12 months for pre existing conditions
  • 12 months for obstetrics (pregnancy)
  • 2 months for psychiatric care, rehabilitation or palliative care, even for a pre existing condition
  • 2 months in all other circumstances

Waiting periods for general treatment (ancillary or extras) varies dependent on the type of service

* The Federal Government rebate on Private Health Insurance is available to all Private Health Fund members eligible for Medicare and is means tested effective 1/7/2012. We recommend you register to participate in the Contribution Reduction Scheme. Higher rebates may also apply to contributors depending on their age and when initial joining of certain health products. Members who are over the age of 30 and not held continuous hospital cover since the 1 July 2000 are liable to pay an additional 2% loading for each year cover is not held under the Federal Government ‘Lifetime Health Cover’ initiative

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our staff on 02 4990 1385 or email: .